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We started in 2012 as a teaching and support staff agency for schools and colleges in London.  However, within a year we found out that there was a larger demand for support staff in other industries.
We realised that businesses did not want the increasingly complex issues of HR, holiday pay, employment tribunals and PAYE.
We still work with schools in London, but the larger part of our business comes from other industries across the whole of the country.

You can let us know what you need now and our software will start matching.

Friends on the journey

  • Creityl Edar - Recruitment Officer

    Creityl previously worked in data aggregation and sourcing.  Creityl initially joined as a short term member of staff, but it went so well Creityl joined us on a full time basis.
    Creityl is a fast learner and has picked up the recruitment process very quickly.

  • Teresa Manansala - Recruitment Officer

    Teresa has previously worked in sales for a large pharmaceutical company, before joining our sisters business as a sales agent.  Teresa used her time there to develop effective processes and really drive sales and troubleshoot along the way.

    Teresa joined us in 2013 when we are moving into a different market.  Teresa helped to drive the new direction and acquire new clients.

    Teresa is now responsible for developing new sales and ensuring that things run smoothly for candidates when they are placed.  She has good attention to detail and amazing foresight.

  • Dolores Ramos - Personal Assistant

    Dolores joined us in 2018 and has been a valued member of our staff ever since and we’re so pleased that she stayed with us.  Dolores is very efficient and reliable and customers have often commented on how good she is at resolving their issues.  Dolores has an IT qualification and is responsible for resolving queries, helping Karl to keep things going and does so much behind the scenes to “make it all happen”

  • Michelle Kitahara - Recruitment Officer

    Michelle has been there from the start helping to shape our 1st generation app and the business model.  Michelle has proved very effective at working long hours to get things done and enjoys managing change and development.  Michelle has enjoyed getting the back end admin tasks done to make everything run smoothly.

  • Karl Lawrence - Manager

    Karl was previously a teacher before starting an estate agency in 2009.  After developing the business, he started the recruitment agency and has followed this direction.  Karl enjoys working with both businesses and helping customers.
    Karl enjoys matching candidates to the right job and has been pleased to see much progress into permanent work.

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