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We have a large database of candidates, so when you start, our app instantly matches you with candidates. We also advertise on job boards as part of the service to pull in even more candidates!
Even better, our recruitment agents will actively call and headhunt people for your role.
All for the same fixed price.

Yes and we chase this as its not just as simple as checking the references!

We hire until we find someone. It is unlikely, but we put the cut off point as 50 days. However, we have never had to impose this.

We can do this for you from our pool of staff. Either on a permanent or temp basis.

Yes you can after 4 weeks with us, just remember to keep an eye on the notifications on your app, as we work fast. Most of the time we have found someone within 2 days.

– you don’t have to run payroll and deal with tax and national insurance
– if the member of staff is ill, we will send you another to cover
– maternity and paternity issues are dealt with by us
– if they don’t work out, we can replace quickly and seamlessly
– we deal with pension contributions
– If you want to dismiss them, we will deal with this
– we deal with any employment law issues and claims
– we handle HR issues
– we take care of the paperwork and recruitment contract
– no need to enter into long contracts

You can pay by invoice within 7 days.

If you do not like who we send, just let us know and we will replace them.  If they have worked more than 2 hours, you will just pay for what you have used.

You receive profile matches instantly. The good thing is, even if none of these are right for you. Our app and agents will already be working on getting more for you.
On average most employers receive 40% of matches initially and then 60% more within hours.

Most of the time we do not need to advertise due to our vast database. However, if we do we will let you know, as some services will contact you to verify.

Yes many of our customers hire staff on a ‘temp to perm’ basis. So we take care of all the employment law, AWR, PAYE, pension, sickness, maternity and you just pay our invoice each week. So we are the member of staff’s employer and we pay them. You just pay our invoice each week according to their timesheet.

Check the app on your phone and accept or reject candidates.
We do everything else.

For both services you can cancel within 24 hours with no penalty.


Yes we provide this at no additional charge. Just let us know what you’re looking for.


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